My writing


I write and draw, mostly write. Am keen on history
and listening to conversations.

Recently I began blogging about my writing, touching
on my interests.
I enjoy this.


My debut novel ‘Changed Times’ will be published by Thunderpoint Publishing in Easter 2016. It is part one of a trilogy set in 17th century Scotland where religion ancovenaterbadged politics create a devastating power struggle between King Charles 11 and his Presbyterian subjects.

It was a difficult, complex, and dangerous time.


The story begins in 1679
when the influence of religion and politics cause my main characters to make a variety of life changing choices.covtroops6

‘Take care what you agree to’ is the over-riding theme as real and imagined men and women move through fact and fiction to tell a very personal story
of human strength and weakness.

charles2‘Changed Times’ lays bare the choices.
The consequences follow in ‘Dark Times’.
‘The worst of Times’ completes the story
with an unexpected transformation.



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