About me

I like stories, always admired a good storyteller, longed to become one, with the right words for mind pictures that work. Trying to achieve this has been a challenge, and a steep learning curve, full of twists and turns in my search for the best way to make that connection.

As a child I told my stories through pictures. Later as an illustrator I interpreted the words of others before daring to link my own words with my own pictures. Now the words seem to prefer their own space.

I am a graduate of Glasgow School of Art
M.Ltt University of Stirling
VTCT Holistic Therapist.
All this brings something to my writing voice.

My life is varied, busy, interesting, mostly happy, loving.


Illustrated several reading book schemes
Illustrations for magazines
Short story & illustration in Scottish Field



Short story Mistaken Identities Anthology
edited by James Robertson.
Short story Spilling Ink Review 4.


Short story Stirling Collective Anthology
Short story Stirling research project
Twice Dragons Pen finalist
Recorded for Book Café Radio Scotland
Dragon Pen joint winner
Mixing the Colours Anthology
Scottish Book Trust Treasures Anthology
Short story Gutter Magazine no 10
Finalist Wigtown Short Story Competition


I have also ghost written a book, now published,
but as a ghost I must say nothing


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