Hoo it wis then … Nae nice

They say that a wee bit o torture dis ye guid

Ye’ve hud a few weeks freedom frae ma ramblins so mibbe it’s time tae dieve ye again aboot the past.
Somethin a wee bit different this time.

penitentstool copy Supposin ye’d been misbehavin, ah’ll nae mention hoo, an wis caught oot. The penitent stool wud be brocht oot in the kirk an ye’d huv tae sit in fu view o the congregation fur as lang as the kirk elders decreed … dependin on yer supposed crime. At the least it wud be vera embarassin if no mortifyin.An no jist fur yersel, whit aboot yer family?

torture1 copy Mibbe ye wur a thief or hud done somethin mair serious. Fancy they scissors cuttin aff yer ears or the end o yer nose withoot ony anaesthetic? Naw ah didna think sae.

torture2 copy As fur a wummin whae cannae keep her mooth shut,or is accused o aye complainin. Weel this delectable heid
piece wud be fastened on an locked, again fur as lang as wis decided.
Pair wummin hud nae say … literally. Some o them hud a bit gangin unner
the tongue as weel wi sharp nodules on it.

torture3 copy Mibbe ye kent a secret or wis accused o sic a thing. Or mibbe the law jist wantit ye tae confess tae somethin, whether ye’d done it or no didna maitter as lang as ye said the richt thing. Thumbscrews tichtened and tichtened wud fairly focus the mind.

This kinda torture wis common in 17th century Scotland so think yersels lucky.
Mony a covenanter experienced the shears, or the tongue brank, or the thumbscrews, or worse lik the boot whaur the hale leg wis inside a wooden boot then staves hammered in makin it tichter an tichter. Ah huvna got a guid pictur o ane … Mibbe jist as weel. It’s nae nice. This wis a favourite torture fur covenantin rebels.

surgeon2 copy An if ye wurna vera weel an needed a wee operation. Fancy this wee selection o tools tae dae the job?

As fur the stool …

penitentstool copy Weel namin an shamin is done differently noo that’s aw … think social media an whit it’s capable o dain tae a reputation.

When ye see aw they it tells us that times huv chainged fur the better. Agreed?


About ethyl smith

Historical fiction writer with Thunderpoint Publishing. Currently working on 17th century Scottish trilogy. Part one 'Changed Times' out April 2016
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