Golden Jubilee Service

12th June Dalserf Kirk in the Clyde Valley, Scottish Covenanter Memorials Association Golden Jubilee …. An it didna rain.

dalserfservicechurch copyvillage1 copy

Whae are they? …. A bunch o die hard enthusiasts that gang aw roond the country tryin tae luk aifter memorials an plaques fur Covenantin folk …. aw voluntary. An thur nae alane they huv aboot 350 members frae aw the airt an pairts, even abroad.
Since this is the history period ah’m writin aboot ah’ve met a few an ken a wee bit aboot them, ordinary folk dain special things tae preserve oor heritage. Ah wis that impressed wi thur commitment that ah joined as weel. Each tae thur ain madness ah suppose.
Unlike last week’s conventicle at Drumclog it wis a mair general event altho we did hae some auld Cameronians mindin us hoo it aised tae be done … Four pickets or guards wur set oot then anither cam back an tellt the meenister ‘pickets set, nae enemy approaches so the service can begin.’
wreathprayer copy2guards.jpggrave copy
A piper played, the colours wur cairied then dipped in respect tae aw the martyrs frae the past as weel as them as jist suffered fur their beliefs. In this parish alane 35 folk wur sent tae trial in ane year alane. Multiply that across the country an ye git an idea hoo muckle sufferin went on durin this time.
Thur wis a grand turn oot this aifternoon, As weel as the Lord Porvost an Deputy Lord Lieutenant we hud a richt motley collection o folk, plenty curiosity wi cameras clickin tae record the moment, especially when wreaths wur laid at a grave stane tae the Laurie Family. They wur staunch covenanters an due special respect …. except ah wis a wee bit surprised tae discover the main man William Laurie, whae wis supposed tae be hung at the Edinburgh Grassmarket in 1683 an then reprieved at the last meenit, wisna mentioned on the stane. That ah dinna unnerstaun. Must try tae find oot.
Aifter a final psalm an prayer awbody went indoor fur a grand spread, an a lang catch up on this that an the ither.

oldsoldiers copyrespect copy

A wunner whit the original Covenanters wud hae made o aw this respect fur whit they did.
Ane thing fur sure …. History lived this aifternoon an oor heritage wisna forgotten in this pairt o Clydesdale



About ethyl smith

Historical fiction writer with Thunderpoint Publishing. Currently working on 17th century Scottish trilogy. Part one 'Changed Times' out April 2016
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